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RunNation Whitepaper

RunNation is a Move-2-Earn App for iOS and Android, combining Fitness, Crypto and Web3 technology.
RunNation is a Web3 based Move-2-Earn DApp (Decentralised app) built on the secure Binance Smart Chain. We have embraced an opportunity to collide several incredibly well performing sectors through 2021 into one project.
Combining NFTs(Non Fungible Token), Metaverse, Crypto and the importance of Human health.
We built RunNation to offer this to the world. Bringing geo-location technology to the DApp for iOS and Android, this offers users to earn from gentle walks to strenuous physical activities. All varying in reward based on the NFT KICKs (trainers) that your Metaverse self is wearing.
RunNation is currently at the development stage, so any information within this document can be subject to change.
Last modified 1yr ago